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Beyond Fear to Freedom

Oct 27, 2021

Meet Anitrese. Anitrese grew up in a family of parental addiction of alcoholism and heroin and a lot of abuse. Absent parents left Anitrese and her siblings often alone and the family in dire straits. She started smoking cigs and weed at the age of 11. With no role-modeling of a healthy household, she got married at 18...

Oct 20, 2021

Perfectionism is a concealer, a way to cover up and hide behind ours fear. We look good on the outside but are dealing with a lot of inner turmoil that is motivating the way we act. But this is a false state of being. Have the courage to be imperfect! We can't live in freedom if we are living in fear. Debbie G and...

Freedom From Fear

Oct 13, 2021

Your fear is 100% dependent on you for it's survival. Debbie G and Vanessa talk codependency and how it's fueled and motivated by our fears.