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Beyond Fear to Freedom

Jan 27, 2022

Are you bitter and you don't even know it? Are you blinded by bitterness? Let's take a look in the mirror and see the truth of what might be going on.
Listen as Debbie G and Vanessa share about how bitterness not only destroys us, but it destroys the relationships around us.

Jan 19, 2022

Have you seen Him? Do you know Him? Do you trust Him? I believe that some have and MLK was one of them.
Join Debbie G and Vanessa as they take a peek at the absolute freedom of a man who knew whose he was and lived his life declaring that.

Jan 11, 2022

Why do I keep doing the things I don’t want to do????
What’s my childhood got to do with any of this?
Listen as Debbie G & Vanessa talk about the roots of crazy & unhealthy behavior.
And remember, you are not alone in this!

Jan 5, 2022

Tired of the same old same old? Ready to get real and enjoy the good plans and the abundant Life that God has promised you?
If not, let this be a challenge to learn more truth!!!
Listen this week as Debbie G and Vanessa remind you the truth is that God Loves You!