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Beyond Fear to Freedom

Jan 27, 2023

That’s right family sometimes we’re the problem amen?!

Join Debbie G and Vanessa for the LIVE recap of Truth Talk Thursday as they discussion on the ugly fruits of pride! #Beyondfeartofreedom

#Behumble #BFF #Jesuslovesyou #Freedominhim

Jan 13, 2023

Hey family it’s time for Truth Talk Thursday!! Join Debbie G and Vanessa for the LIVE recap! Listen as they dig deep into the topic of authenticity and being who God created you to be! Let’s take those masks off and be real, amen?!

#beyondfeartofreedom #bewhoGodcreatedyoutobe #BFF #FreedomInJesus #authenticity

Dec 29, 2022

Hey Family, it's time for Truth Talk Thursday!! Tune into the LIVE recap as Debbie G and Vanessa discuss the importance of casting the vision for the new year! Have you done this for 2023??

Kidnapped & Set Free

Dec 22, 2022

Listen as Maggie shares her POWRFUL testimony beginning with abuse, injustice and being kidnapped later finding triumph, freedom and redemption though Christ and community!

Christmas Craziness & The Joy of The Lord

Dec 16, 2022

What a night!!! Our BFF Family Christmas party was a BLAST and such a blessing to both those we served and those who served!!
Join Debbie G and Vanessa as they testify of God's goodness and discuss the reason for the season!